Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Blues

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Dress, cardigan, shoes, headband: Forever 21
Spike collar: Ebay

I was a walking advertisement today for Forever 21.  I never realize how much of my stuff is from there until I have to list where I got it.  One of my drawing professors once told me that my dress was from an art print.  He looked amused.  

It's basically summer weather in Texas, so I'm back to struggling on what to wear.  Most of my outfit ideas are for fall and it kills me to live in an area where I feel like melting even in fishnet.  Still, I decided to wear a piece from my tights collection.  I never had the guts to wear these while I still had color in my hair, but now that I've joined the ranks of dark hair, it's not too bad.

Royal blue is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors.  I'm trying to add more brightness into my wardrobe, as it mostly shades of black and pink.

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