Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Dress: Made by me
Cardigan: Rafaella

 If I look uncomfortable and oddly pale in these, it's because of the sun.  Sometimes it's hard to find good lighting while trying to battle the insecurity and ridiculousness of trying to take a picture without anyone seeing me.  This is the first time I have ever worn anything that I have made.  The things I sewed while in school were all ugly, or messed up in some way.  This is the dress from a few posts back, and I decided it was rather fitting for Valentine's Day.  I make it a point to usually wear red, pink, or heart-related things on this day just because I can.  Most of my dresses (as you will see later on) are too fancy for everyday life.  I'm not really sure where to wear them, I just think they're pretty.  Most people wouldn't wear this out to a regular sushi dinner, but I have no problem with it.  The cardigan makes it sort of casual, right?  I realize how tacky red and gold look together, but I just don't care.

Bonus: Dress without the cardigan! Working with nude mesh has taught me that only toothpick thin girls can get away with ice-skating costumes.  The rest of us just look wider.  But when it comes down to it, who hasn't worn something that looked terrible on them just because it was pretty?
(I guess I could look slimmer if I lowered the waist.  Oh well.  Next time.)


  1. OMG! Amazing red dress! I love it! I think it's perfect!!
    With love Marta from