Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sequins and things

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I was caught off-guard by the timer, and I'm not sure how my foot ended up like this. 

 Checking to make sure the coast is clear.
I love that the sequins look like little stars as the light hits them.
Jacket: vintage
Top: Charlotte Russe
Shoes, Skirt: Forever 21

My freshman roommate in college gave me these tights.  She went through a rocker phase in high school (dress-wise, she still likes the music) and gave me a bunch of fishnet things that she didn't use anymore.  It never occurred to me that someone could like rock or metal music and not want to dress the part.  Wearing black, studs, and spikes is probably the best thing about this music scene.  I don't appreciate being called,"Halloween," however, but what can you do?

I bought this jacket on Etsy, while going through an obsession with sequins.  I knew the vintage tag would hold all of the tackiness that I was searching for.  It's surprisingly warm, and I'm not sure what size it is, but the lining is way too baggy.  It always peeks through the sides, down center front.  I wore it once to my first job, at a museum, and my boss claimed that I was blinding him with the glare.

I also decided to experiment with my makeup today, bored as I am with my face.  I just used my eyebrow pencil because black eyeliner on my bottom lid makes me look like a freak with beady eyes.  None of my lipsticks looked right today either, so I just layered on a wine shade on top of all the rejected pinks.  I wish I was more talented in the makeup department.

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