Friday, February 21, 2014

Royal blue

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Cardigan: Forever 21
Dress: Shopakira, Akira Black Label
Shoes: Dollhouse

I bought this dress a while ago and was disappointed with the bunchy back.  My body shape was not cooperating 3 lbs ago, but is now working pretty well with this fabric.  Still, I'm not one for form-fitting dresses, so I threw on a cardigan to hide my back and any possible lines or weird lumps.

I'm really loving my dark hair with light colors.  Pink/blue/purple hair only went with certain things and I was always trying to avoid being too "crazy" on days where I just wanted to exist.  Black hair is easier on a lot of things, but I do miss having color in my hair.  You can see a faint amount of it on some of my tips.  Eventually, I'd like to have them all blue but this will do for now. 

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