Thursday, February 27, 2014

Circle skirt #1

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Polyester organza skull print with satin lining, 2" satin waistband, and exposed back zipper.

I hate how cheap organza looks with flash, and indoor lighting.  Truth be told, this was probably Halloween costume fabric, but it was too cool and too cheap to resist.  Did I already say that I have about 20 exposed zippers? Prepare to see them on everything.  (Except the girlier, fancier things obviously).  I'm kind of bored having to make these simple skirts, but it'll give me a chance to use all of my flashy fabrics without being super tacky.  When it comes to buying fabric on a whim, the flashier, the better.  When it comes to the actual stuff I enjoy designing and dream of wearing, it's all nude mesh, tulle, and lace.  I hoard the gaudy stuff because it's cheap, but I'm really dying for $80/yd beaded lace. 

(Expect some striped things on the next post, as I finally restocked my black thread.  It was stopping my one-woman production.)

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