Sunday, January 12, 2014

Little Red Dress #3

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I made this dress for my senior fashion show and it was a boring mess with random lace appliques sprinkled on the bodice.  I was stressed out and having anxiety attacks all the time, so it didn't look like this when it walked the runway. This dress is a work-in-progress still, as I have to cut out the lace and then hand-stitch it on.  Half of the lace is currently just pinned on.  I need to hem the underskirt, finish the seams on the bodice, and add hook and eyes to the back.  Hook and eyes are my favorite way to rage at having to sew by hand.

The sheer panel in the middle was really unflattering on me, so I smothered it with lace.

I have an obsession with gowns and love to wear cocktail dresses for everyday boring events.  People that don't know me are always surprised that I'm "brave" enough to wear stuff like this to the grocery store.  But I've dressed crazier.  This is nothing.
My mannequin is a size 8, so most of my school garments fit me except around the bust.  I still have several dresses to fix so that all of my money and tears don't go to waste, but I need to start sewing to sell.  So be prepared for rough sketches, pattern posts and some complaining. 

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