Wednesday, June 4, 2014


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Corset: Frederick's of Hollywood
Skirt: Handmade 
(Brocade skirt with yellow organza overlay panels and exposed zipper at center back)

The humidity in this town is ridiculous.  I was outside for about 3 minutes, struggling to carry 20 lbs of rice in a box.  I felt like I was walking through water by the time I was done.  My hair should be evidence enough with the crazy curls near my crown.  (Reasons why I hate my natural, unprocessed hair.)

Adding this mini skirt to my etsy shop.  It was originally part of an unfinished dress for my senior collection, and I just detached it and fixed it up.  It's really small for my in-between sizes waist, so I figured one of my abandoned corsets would come in handy.  I really need a model for these things, but it doesn't feel right having one for anything I can do.  Plus, I'm broke.  Like most of my skirts, it is inappropriately short.  You can't bend or lean in these things.

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