Friday, May 30, 2014


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 Headband, collar, dress: Ebay
Boots: Hot Topic (spikes added by me)

Caught mid-spin.  (You can see where the heel of my boots is torn from wear.)

I went through a phase when I was obsessed with Ebay and was buying things just for the hell of it.  I've managed to sell or donate most of the things from those years, but it seems ridiculous looking back on it.  Now that I've joined the rank of the broke, shopping has made me even more picky than before.  I have to weigh my purchases carefully before committing. 
This was one of my favorite "casual" dresses during fall/winter before I got tired of it.  Sometimes I wear things to the point that I think I look terrible in them.  I was also at one point obsessed with these boots.  They originally came with just pyramid studs, and then I decided I wanted spiky boots.  Several days later, they were awesome and heavy.  They're at a weird height, so it's difficult to find the right proportional outfit for them, but they're fun anyway.  I didn't even care that they were falling apart when I decided to upgrade them.

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