Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sparkle and blur.

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Cardigan: Twenty One
Dress: Forever 21

I'm not sure why my pictures turned out blurry, but the one clear picture I have is of me looking surprised.  I've had this cardigan since I was 16 or so, almost 10 years.  It's been hiding in my closet for about 5, since I live in Texas and I'm afraid of blinding people when the sun hits it.  Also, I used to have neon pink hair and sparkly things were more difficult to style.  This was also my first time wearing these moon earrings, and I'm not sure I like them with my round face.  I got them for free with another order from Etsy, as they had taken a while to get to me.  I didn't think much of it since they were from China, but I appreciate free things so who was I to complain?  

I have a bad habit of holding on to things in hopes that one day I'll be brave enough to wear them out. 

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