Monday, March 3, 2014

Shades of Black

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Headband: Forever 21
Cardigan: Love Culture
Dress: Ginger Fizz (Asos)

I tried doing something different with my hair, but that was a failure.  My face is too wide for anything that requires my hair to be pulled back, and all of my lipstick shades looked terrible on me.  I often wonder if other people have weeks like this or if it's just me.

I got these boots at TJ Maxx for $7.  My boyfriend found them and held them for me because he figured they were my style.  I gave in, and this is the first time wearing them out.  Most boots don't go with my short legs, but I wear them anyway.  Ankle boots are particularly horrible for me, as they can make my legs look too skinny or too thick, depending on the day and the cut of the boot.  I almost felt young again in this, and not like a sad 25-year-old.

This was after taking another look in the mirror and deciding my hair wasn't working out.  I look close to 30 here.

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