Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday.

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I started dyeing my hair when I was 18.  It was supposed to be a lovely shade of neon pink, but it started off as red because my hair was still too orange.  I was a big fashion disaster from ages 14-23.  I still mess up from time to time, but I had so much fun back then.  I had the type of courage that only young people have.  I didn't care what people thought about me because I thought I looked pretty cool.  And then slowly, I started caring too much.

It's amazing what people will say to you when they don't like the way you look.  As if you exist to please them.  As if you leave your house or your apartment wanting random strangers telling you how to live your life to avoid disturbing them.

I couldn't even tell you the brands of my clothes.  I did all my shopping at my favorite discount clothing store.

While I regret most of my fashion choices and cringe at most of my pictures, I can still find little moments when I remember how I felt then.  This was one of my favorite outfits.  It was perfect that day even if it wasn't at other times.

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