Friday, September 12, 2014

A Studded Mess

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  Headband: Forever 21
Dress: Iron Fist
Jacket: Tov
Studded brogues: Pixie Market

I am not photogenic.  I have more bad angles than anyone I know.  A straight face makes me look old and angry, so I was practicing a subtle smile.  I think I just end up looking creepy.
My hair was so big today, probably because it could sense the humidity in the air. It worked out just fine, as it allowed me to wear this headband that is usually too dramatic for my flat hair.  

 This was my first attempt to break in these lovely shoes I bought a week ago.

They're leather, which is the worst when it comes to stiffness.  I wore them to go grocery shopping (typical adult stuff that ended up being two trips), and the back of my ankles were bleeding by the time I got home. So many of my shoes have scarred me, and yet I keep coming back.

I recently cleaned my sewing area, though you can still see the pins I dropped a few nights ago.  I'm always knocking stuff over when I'm in a rush.  The lilac ruffles you see on the floor off the to the side, is one of my WIP dresses.  It's currently on the floor, because I'm lazy and low on hangers.  Plus, it's for me, so I treat it like crap.

The wedding dress process has begun.  I tried drafting my own pattern instead of just using my sloper, and it was a mess.  Never try measuring yourself.  Always have someone else do it.  The front came out looking like a sloper, but the back was a disaster.  I gave up. My muslin ended up too big.  Apparently, I suck at eyeballing my measurements, while trying to look in a mirror.  So the second round starts now, which is basically just me doing a SBA, small bust adjustment, and hoping it works.  Curse my dress form for having bigger boobs than me. 

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