Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walking skeleton

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Ignore my ridiculous annoyed face.

Dress: Iron Fist
Socks: Hot Topic
Shoes: Outsider (Modcloth)
Cardigan: Forever 21

I got these thigh-highs about a year ago and couldn't find the courage to wear them in my college town.  As I get older, I get annoyed by how hard it is to be "brave" when it comes to still dressing up.  Sometimes I just want the easy life of not being stared at, or dealing with people watching me walk past them.  But I also want to be cool, and it's impossible to be such a thing by dressing boring.  

I wanted this dress when it was on Hot Topic but of course I was broke.  I was lucky to find it on Ebay several months later.  I got these boots on Modcloth for sale and they're leather, which is hard to find in my closet.  They look surprisingly proportionate with the socks, as they make me look pretty stumpy with bare legs.  I want to add spikes to the straps, but I'm not sure if I'm ready.  Sometimes an all-black shoe is what ties an outfit together.

I wore my hair messy today, mostly out of laziness.  When I let it air-dry, it gets half-hearted waves, and I just added a couple with my curling iron.  It's been about a year since I've worn this headband, which is funny because I was obsessed with it.  I got it at the flea market near my home town.  Most of my old accessories are from dollar stores and cheap stores.  I'm a bargain/budget dresser for the most part, though sometimes I shop like I'm not.

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