Tuesday, February 4, 2014

And we'll never be royals.

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Dress: River Island Chelsea Girl
Shoes: Dollhouse
Headband: Love Culture

I thought this dress was ugly-cute when I first saw it.  It reminded me of something my high school self would have liked to wear to seem artsy and cool.  I don't think I would have been able to properly wear it back then.  Golds, browns, and yellows are really weird colors for me to wear because I tend to stick to what's safe and easy: Black.  But now that my hair is dark, I'm trying to create contrast with color.  Black on black looks boring on me because I'm not pale, so I need brighter colors to make me feel interesting.

We went on our usual Friday sushi date.  We're regulars at the place and it's ridiculous living in such a small town.  Surprisingly, I don't get too many stares.  But it could be that I'm 25 and I just don't give a crap to check if people are looking.

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